Museum Of The Tanak And History Of Israel

Our museum will be an educative institution with the context of Biblical and history of Israel and the supreme call to be as a Holy Nation and design to be a blessing to the nations. In this specific time Israel has developed a great manifestation of their call, in scientific, artistic, cultural, technological,  spiritual and many more with historical importance like the 55 parashot of the Torah, the history of the Diaspora, the Shoa and the restoration of the state of Israel. 

We will make them available for public viewing through exhibits that may be permanent for more generations to come. Our museums will be located in major cities throughout the world. The museums will have varying aims, ranging from serving researchers and specialists to serving the general public.


Holy Torah

Yeshivah Online

We recognize that the number of Jews who lost their identity for hundreds of years are awakening, today is the time when the great shofar is gathering everyone from the four corners of the earth, so we have created a program of study of Judaism where , from the comfort of your home you can learn and practice Judaism with the guidance of rabbis who have identified with the awakening of thousands of people and have decided to teach them Tora, Practical Judaism, Halacha, Family Purity, Hebrew and everything necessary so that eventually can be integrated into Jewish communities.



Theological Institute Online for Pastors

Our programs of the Theological Institute have the purpose of increasing and updating the knowledge of the Hebrew scriptures that contain history, traditions, culture of thousands of years that to this day are preserved within Judaism, which will facilitate the expansion and enrichment of theological knowledge of the leaders who have the responsibility to teach.



Mishpachah Membership For All!

In order to give a best opportunity to all people from different countries we design a membership plans which are available  to any person, organization, business, institution etc.
You will have the opportunity to visit Israel at a very low cost by acquire a one year membership.



WCIsrael Airplane

Our goal is to obtain our own airplane that flies to the countries of the American continent from where the groups that visited Israel originated, all with the goal of reducing air transport costs as much as possible. We want our trips to be as economical as possible and non-profit.
We want to be part of the prophecy that says EVERYONE should go up to Jerusalem.
This is a long-term project so we will be giving updates.



Path To Israel

We create an opportunity to all to have something valuable with your name in the Holy Land! You can donate a brick with your name on it to build a path to Israel. This will be in the Kibutz, for you and your generations to come!

As a pioneer of the Kibutz, you, your family and your next generations will benefit by receiving a special price in our kibutz during your visit to Israel.

Your brick donation will be your first step in the Holy Land.



Virtual Ambassador For Israel

We are all members of the tribes of Israel, no matter where we live. We all feel the pain and frustration when Israel is under attack, both physically and by the international media through rhetoric and demonization. Now, more than ever, we must find a source of unity and remain united in support of others and our people, nation and land of Israel. Being a Virtual Ambassador will help many more to know about Israel and help us to remain united as one. Share with your friends and your community and you will receive all the latest information we can get from our Israeli government and from all educational programs in Israel.



Judaica Store

Our Judaica aims to expand Israeli products throughout the world, so that they are accessible and can be known by many.
Each of the products will be like having a portion of the holy land at home. Our products will be 100% made in Israel.



Scholarship Programs

In an effort to contribute to world education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel has the International Agency for Cooperation and Development, Mashav, which grants university scholarships to foreign professionals, we hope that the same opportunity may have those who for economic reasons It is not possible for them to travel to Israel, so we want to bring Israeli educators to different countries.



International Magazine Mitzva

Our magazines will be distributed in more than 25 countries, its content will show different topics of interest a section of the country and another of Israel where we will present everything related to Israel and in which Israel benefited the country we are talking about, example: Mexico Israel and Israel’s contribution to Mexico.

We long to reach every corner of Latin America, we know that there are still places where technology and internet are not accessible, so we believe that it will be great help to those who do not have access to internet.


Educational Center – Beit hatfutsot 

Our educational center in the Golan Heights will get more tan twenty thousand people per year.  Our  program will be start in eighteen countries and at the end of the classes, all the students will be come to Israel to finish they classes.  In Israel will get a course to introduction to our tradition and culture, which was developed more than three thousand years ago. Our Educational Center will give a peaceful atmosphere in beautiful modern houses. Our students will have the opportunity to interact with people who have the same passion for Israel, as well as participate in programs where they can learn Israeli history, basic Hebrew and how to cook traditional Israeli food. Students will also take exciting tours of Israel with both biblical and historical contexts. It is a place for people who long to visit Israel whose finances have kept them from doing so.



Back To Holy Land

Our tours promote a deep spiritual connection with our Creator, Jewish people , the land and state of Israel.

Through our educational programs you  will encounter the biblical past, present and even with the future. You will also learn more about technology, science, agriculture, medicine, etc.



“Yom HaAtzma’ut”

Celebration of Israel’s  Independence Day

This activity will be named AM ISRAEL CHAI. We will celebrate the independence of Israel In our Hebrew calendar on  the 5th of Iyyar.

However, on May 14th, of each year we will  celebrate it  again with all of our friends who love Israel, since that is the date Israel was globally recognize as a Nation in 1948.

The celebration will be carried out from that date and in different countries.


Yom Yerushalayim

“Yom Yerushalayim”

 Celebration of the Jerusalem Reunification

This activity will be named Jerusalem of Gold.

We will celebrate the reunification of Jerusalém In our Hebrew calendar on  the 28th of Iyyar.  

However, on June 7th,  we will  celebrate it  again with all of our friends who love Israel, since that is the date it was globally recognize the reunification of Jerusalem.


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Israel Expo

We will bring Israeli artist to promote there beautiful art, we know Israel have a lot to share and give to the rest of the world which is very valuable, like art, body care, technology, judaica, books, food, wines, jewelry fashion and more; this will be organize in different countries. 



WCIsrael Newscast

In a effort of the WCI to keep the world  informed of everything about  Israel both inside and outside we have created an Israeli news center, which will allow all to be connected in every  possible aspect of our Nation.
Our WCIL newscast will be in Spanish which will allow us to reach more than 27 Spanish speaking countries but also to other countries where Spanish speakers are present.
Our news report will be online, which will open the opportunity to reach every corner of the world where is possible to have an internet connection.



Etz Hayim

Plant a tree of life in the Holy Land!
When a tree is planted it represents the miracle of life. After the seed is planted, people pray over it.
A tree is a symbol of strength, faith, rebirth, and righteousness. All of these attributes are found in the Bible.
In Israel, trees are an important part of life. In fact, there is an ancient Jewish custom to plant a tree every time a child is born. The male typically will plant a cedar tree and the female will plant a cypress tree. The hope is that the girls will be hopeful and fragrant like the cypress tree and the boys will grow into strong men. “Later in their lives, the branches from the cypress and cedar of a bride and groom are used to make the chuppah for their wedding ceremony,”
By planting trees in Israel, we are continually sowing into the cradle of life and helping the Jewish nation grow.



Beer-Sheva Housing

One of the greatest dreams is to build in the Negev, be part of fulfilling the prophecies and provide housing for Jews who live in Israel as well as those who are gradually returning to the land flowing with milk and honey!



Hebrew/Spanish textbooks!

Children love to learn something new every day, as long as it is attractive, colorful and fun, so Hebrew meets all the requirements, we have textbooks for children from pre-school to high school, with guidance for teachers or parents.  Two or three languages in one book, accessible to everyone.




  1. Share knowledge about hashem.
  2. Share knowledge of Israel and its divine purpose of existence.
  3. Invite the Jewish community to get closer to the nation of Israel and enable them, to get further involved with Israel.
  4. Promote Israeli products.
  5. Generate and promote tourism in Israel.
  6. Promote the truth about Israel and why it should not be divided.
  7. Correct the historic dogmas that have diverted truth and have provoked anti-Semitic feelings and attitudes of hate. Influence and educate all through the truth of scriptures and history.
  8. Invest in Israel.
  9. Provide employment opportunities in Israel.
  10. Participate actively in Tikkun Olam (Restoration of the world).
  11. Share with the nations all the blessings of Israel.
  12. Bless the nation of Israel with the blessings of the world.